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My Earliest Struggles As A Reader

Some of my earliest struggles as a reader were:

  1. Choosing what to read next. 

  2. Transitioning from one book to another.

  3. Failing to recall important details of a book.

  4. Resisting buying more books despite having plenty to read.

  5. Experiencing reading fatigue, especially with dense non-fiction. 


If you can relate, here's my advice:

  1. Create a monthly "Favourites" list (2-3 books) and read them first. And if a book fails to interest you, feel free to stop; sometimes, it's just not the right time.

  2. When you finish a book, jot down a quick review or discuss it with someone to digest your thoughts. 

  3. Revisit books every few months to reinforce important details. Highlighting and summarizing key points, discussing them with others, or writing them down in a reading journal helps with recall.

  4. Keep a "Save for Later" list (Goodreads) for books you plan to purchase and explore those shelves instead of Amazon. Alternatively, visit a bookstore, pick out books you're intrigued by, read a few pages, and then return them back to the shelf. It's a rewarding experience.

  5. Simplify complex books by breaking them into smaller parts or chapters. Consider creating your own index if needed. 

  6. I also listen to audio versions of the same book online, so I can always switch between formats to engage with books in different, interesting ways.

Check out our reading guide (click here) for ways of mapping a book.

In the end...

Setting realistic reading goals, rather than lofty ones, is essential because you want the act of reading to work for and with you, not against you.


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