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The Complete Spoken English Masterclass for Beginners

  • 52Steps


This online program will help you get started on becoming a better, more articulate version of yourself. It focuses on sincere and thoughtful communication skills, breaks down concepts like immersion strategy, feedback loop strategy, and micro-learning to unlock a more focused approach to speaking well. Consider this FREE online program as a much-needed head start to acquiring English more naturally. It covers real-life situations such as... - how to articulate thoughts - engage in conversation - talk about yourself in an interview - perform public speaking - describe your reactions to a book, film, article, or any other form of media - and lots more It includes topics like... - pronunciation - conversation skills - interview preparation - storytelling techniques - role-playing scenarios - networking skills - continuous improvement strategies And it doesn't end here. Enroll now, for free, and get access to the entire online program in a matter of minutes!

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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