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What We Do

Alongside sharing our book recommendations on YouTube & Instagram, we also provide English language tutoring and content marketing services. 


English Language Tutoring

Creating lesson plans to help you master the English language, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We come equipped with an internationally recognized 120-hour TEFL Certificate to assist you in improving your English Language proficiency.


Video Script Writing

Heard of The School of Life? Maybe Pursuit of Wonder? We can write scripts/essays on topics like philosophy, psychology, and literature.


Book Reviews

Well, this is an obvious one, isn't it? We're open to exploring what's beyond the pages of a book to dissect the meaning behind them for others to better understand why reading literature matters. 


Content Writing

We're not limited to writing about just books and films. For over the last 7 years, we've been freelancing as content writers. Authoring short-term and long-term content writing projects on a variety of topics. 


Proofreading & Editing

This ties back to us being absolutely smitten by literature. Our proofreading and editing projects are catered to scrape off any inconsistencies and errors in short- or long-form texts. We can also suggest line, structure, grammar, and other related edits if that's what you are in need of. 

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