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The real story behind Read A Day Club.

Read A Day Club is our 'labor of love' to find truth, beauty, and courage in literature. And your contribution as a member can only strengthen that resolve as we spend hours after work, before work, and sometimes even during work to make Read A Day Club an emotionally, intellectually, and mentally stimulating place to be. In retrospect, that's all we do every day. Because it embodies the definition of what we call a "home."


To illustrate our love for reading, being, and becoming - and everything in between - my sister, Amreen, and I started sharing book-related pictures on Instagram and now, we're finally shooting videos on YouTube. You'll also find us on our website & blog.


On Read A Day Club, you'll find books that are not only enjoyable to read but also what we strongly believe are Essential. Books that are thought-provoking and evoke the transcendental quality of life.

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