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Sejal D.

"I love this! I now know as a reader where I was messing up and where I could improve, work on my reading skills. Simple, crisp, relatable. Excited and curious. Best part, some statements are still ringing in my ear, making me less anxious more prepared, busting myths and making reading deeply less daunting a task."

Shefali J.

"It was so easy to read, quick & useful.
I'm going to apply the knowledge you guys shared on the next difficult book I read. I struggle with understanding complex characters, especially the ones that say contrasting things. Hopefully notetaking will help."

Yoshita A.

"It's very well articulated. A lot of amazing points and examples, I personally learnt a lot from the book, especially the part where you mentioned the mapping of books for every genre. There's been a lot of effort put in this doc and the solutions are very thoughtful."

Nishant S.

"I enjoyed it thoroughly and loved how it prompts one to act and implement the tips right away. In fact, I'm going to start Turgenev's Fathers and Sons next and will keep my 'why' in mind throughout the process while taking notes using your mapping technique. Moreover, I could especially relate to the myth of escapism as books provide different perspectives of reality rather than an escape from it. The length of the guide is also optimal.
All in all, a highly appreciable effort at providing some amount of objectivity to the highly subjective act of reading which makes it accessible and enjoyable."
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