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Why I Read?

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

#1: Finding Your Introvert


#1: Finding Your Introvert

Written by Ayesha

Suppose introversion was a skill that many would aspire to acquire. Our ambitions would be just as positively driven by our need to introspect as a “ritual” as by our desire to succeed. Though ‘to introspect’ is more intentional than instinctual, where does the need to introspect originate?

Because what you see here is a layer beneath a layer. To introspect and to find the will to introspect.

Introversion appeals to and addresses the intellect. So it has a deeper and more rooted foundation in the life of an individual. It’s born out of necessity for some while for others it’s observed and then accepted in parts.

As for me, I belong to the former.

There is no one way to approach introversion. And there are no concrete words to prove its effectiveness in the face of consciousness. In that, introversion is vastly and profoundly personal. For some, it can translate minutes of despair into a means to a hidden purpose or passion. While for another, it can melt the ice caps of a hardened heart.

As for me, I belong to both worlds.

What are your reasons to introspect? Just in case you haven’t found yours yet, I urge you to read Quiet by Susan Cain. A soulful and heartfelt book about embracing your dormant introverted-ness in a seemingly chaotic and shuffling world.


#2: Why I Read?

Written by Amreen

It’s only now that books have become like a magic portal that allows me to connect with characters, both fictional and ones that were or are a part of reality. To be completely honest, I read so I shall never feel powerless again. It’s the one thing you can always go back to for the rest of your life to keep nurturing the sanctum that is your inner self.

The transformative effect brought about by reading something from inside another person’s head has always been greater than my personal interactions. Their emotions, feelings, actions don’t necessarily mirror mine, not always at least, yet they seem familiar. And it’s this recognizable quality that draws me to books.

I guess I’m always looking for the little pieces that have detached from me over the years. And with every book, I find them and it makes me feel a little more complete.


#3: Film Recommendation - Bacurau: Embracing the chaos

Bacurau Film on Mubi

Bacurau’s cold and eccentric story deepens the waters of Brazilian cinema with its matriarchal and violent volume. It’s a sun-drenched western set in rural Bacurau. It’s charged with sexual and political spontaneity. The story is intelligent; the storytelling is unbelievably entertaining. What kept me glued was the bizarre cinematography and tight dialogue.


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