• Ayesha Dhurue

Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter by Simone de Beauvoir

“Everything is too weak: all things carry the seeds of their own death.” Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter by Simone de Beauvoir doesn't escape the world that it truly is. Its telling is inspiring and Simone’s voice is intelligent, unapologetic, and detailed. It’s because of books like this one that the essence of writing a memoir is liberating and arresting. The book builds a unique sense of presence; as if reading about Simone’s life resembles looking into your own. You can dip your feet into Simone’s both ravenous and still waters. You can borrow from her wisdom; her moving and microscopic reverie which ties together the threads of one’s being and existence. You must remain aware and willing- for you are now in possession of life’s most overlooked yet delicate points. As we get immersed in the crutches of reality and living, it may seem to others that the distance between birth to meaning to death is a short one. After reading Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter, it is possible to think of our individuality as anything but that. The book changes the course of time. You find yourself traversing a path as charged as the gravity of our innermost feelings. To become more aware of how submerged and detached we can be - while being completely unaware of it - from everything but our own lives.